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Disputes With Adjusters

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Maritime Insurance Adjusters and “Claims Reps”


Following an offshore accident, our Maritime Lawyers will devote the necessary resources and fight for you and your family to be fully compensated for all injuries and damages.


In most cases, your employer’s insurance adjuster (often called “claims adjuster”) will want to take your recorded statement, with the goal of finding ways to limit the damages you’re available to recover from the company. Remember, your employer and its adjuster are focused on limiting your damages and preventing you from being fairly compensated for your injuries.


This is why it’s CRITICAL that you do not sign any documents, releases or waivers without talking to an experienced maritime lawyer first.


The Employer’s Claim’s Agent is not Working for You


It is important to remember that your company’s insurance adjuster/claims rep is not working for you. Even though the adjuster will be assigned to your case, the adjuster’s primary job is to protect your company’s and the insurance company’s interests—not yours.


This is a critical and important point and emphasizes why it’s so important to be careful when discussing the accident with the claims rep.


No matter what they tell you or how much they claim to be focused on helping you, everything that you say to the adjuster or your company following an offshore accident will be used against you in the event that you seek compensation for your injuries and damages.


Whatever you say to our Maritime Lawyers, however, is confidential and protected by law.

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