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Commercial Fishing Boats

Deciding whether you should or shouldn’t pursue a boat accident recovery doesn’t have to be a personal decision made alone. There is nothing wrong with just getting a consultation, discussing the incident facts, and seeing what options are available. Such discussions are common and are a smart way to understand and learn all choices available for one’s specific case and situation

A good personal injury attorney will vet the basic information available, look at all the details and possibilities, and will then explain to a client what the most likely outcomes are that can occur with a given case.

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Cruise Ships

From the brief review presented here, it should be apparent that laws pertaining to liability the of cruise ship operations can be radically different in comparison to the laws that govern how liability cases are decided in “dry land” courts.

Due to the complex nature of maritime law, anyone injured on a cruise ship should contact an experienced cruise ship accident as soon as possible after their return to their home port. A cruise ship accident lawyer will have the knowledge of personal injury and maritime law to pursue and fight for a personal injury claim again a cruise ship operator.

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Oil Tankers

We have experience leading investigations of accidents and exposing the negligence that led to a wrongful death or severe injuries, including:  burns; head and brain injuries; spinal, neck and back injuries; and loss of limb by amputation. Our knowledge extends across all aspects of the Jones Act, Death on the High Seas Act and other maritime laws – and we have ready access to industry experts and offshore investigators.

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Cargo Ships

Maritime law, also referred to today as Admiralty law, is the area of law concerned with activity that takes place on navigable waters such as the Ocean. Maritime and Admiralty law—interchangeable terms in today’s language—covers various categories and offshore circumstances including cruise ships, cargo vessels, marine commerce, sea navigation, negligence, unseaworthiness, and civil marine torts and injuries to name a few.

Our law firm focuses injury law, including maritime law, and has a history of winning settlements and verdicts for our clients that have suffered catastrophic injuries, accidents and/or the death of a loved one.

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The rights of an offshore worker depend on many factors, such as the job he was doing, whether the accident happened in federal waters, state waters, or inland bays, and the type of structure he was working on at the time of the accident. The general maritime law considers inland barge drilling rigs to be vessels, no different than crew boats, supply boats, or cruise ships. This also includes barges with special equipment mounted to do specific work, such as a coiled-tubing unit, plug and abandon equipment, and even land-based truck rigs mounted on barges.

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Oil Rigs and Platforms

Offshore oil rigs and platforms are large, complex structures designed to drill for, remove, process and then temporarily store oil or natural gas until the material can be transported for refining and eventual sale.


Contact our Maritime Attorneys at PMR Law.

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Drill Ships

Drill ships are large maritime vessels designed with their own onboard drilling rigs. These ships are normally used to explore for new oil or gas deposits in deep ocean waters. They can also be used for scientific research and as floating platforms for maintenance or other work on nearby structures.


If you or a loved one were injured while working on a drillship, We can help.

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Crab Boats

If you have been injured on crab boat, please contact a maritime lawyer at PMR Law today for a free consultation. You are likely entitled to compensation for your injuries. Damages for your injuries may include past and future lost wages, compensation for pain and suffering, compensation for disfigurement, payment of all medical bills related to your injury, and compensation for aggravation of preexisting conditions.

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Shrimp Boats

PMR Law is committed to helping shrimp boat workers collect maximum financial compensation for their injuries. If you have questions about an injury claim or if your employer is refusing to provide you with maintenance & cure, needed specialized medical care, contracted weekly benefits or the financial compensation you deserve, and then contact PMR Law today..

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At PMR Law, we know the work seamen perform on tugboats and barges is valuable, important, and dangerous. Marine companies have the responsibility to provide a safe working environment, an adequately staffed crew, and a seaworthy vessel. If you’ve been injured in a tugboat or barge accident, we can help! We get results. We have recovered millions for our clients. This is a level of experience you can trust.

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